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Optometry Australia Video

As part of it's children's vision campaign, Optometry Australia produced this video with some of our students as a way of highlighting how children can feel excluded from day-to-day activities due to vision issues.

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Harmony Fete Video

Here is an amazing video of our Harmony Fete. We would like to say a big thank you to Campbell Walshe for putting it together.




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Student Reports

Reports can be viewed from 22nd June. This year our school reporting program has changed and all reports have been generated by teachers using Compass. Your child’s report still includes progression points using the A to E scale (Remembering a C is at level) and a general comment for each subject area. The comment box will appear directly beneath each subject’s progression point and will address your child’s strengths and weaknesses in that subject area.

If you have any questions about your child’s report, these can be discussed at Parent Teacher Interviews on the 24th June, 2015. 


Below is a sample report

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Parent - Teacher Interviews

We are having Parent - Teacher Interviews on Wednesday 24th June. Interviews will begin at 10am and conclude at 8pm. You will need to book your interview through Compass. You can find instructions on how to book your interviews here. You have until Monday 15th June to book your interview.

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Update your tiqbiz inbox.

Welcome back, remember to make your year/grade selections for this year.


Now we have commenced a new year, you will need to make new tiqbiz selections for your child's year/grade .



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During Term Four Carlton Gardens Primary School is implementing a staged release of our new school management software, Compass School Manager.

Compass School Manager is a Parent Portal providing you with important information on your child and their progress, as well as other features to help you stay informed and communicate with our school.

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Unfortunately we are unable to supply students with knives, forks or spoons for their lunches. If students are eating a meal that requires cutlery please send your own. Thank you.

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Late to School

Please be aware that school starts at 8:55am. Students arriving after 9:00am are asked to fill in a late pass at the office. Please make sure your student gets a late pass because students arriving at class without one will be asked to return to the office.

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Our school is going digital!

Our newsletters and notices are now available on a new app called tiqbiz. We encourage you to download the app or computer program.

tiqbiz logo


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At Carlton Gardens Primary School we have a number of students that are Anaphylactic and/or have severe allergies. Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction and is potentially life threatening.

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Student Health

A reminder to parents to notify the school about your child’s health.

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Principal's Message

Carlton Gardens Primary School is a happy and caring community where all are welcomed and valued.

The core business of Carlton Gardens Primary School is learning and teaching.  Our curriculum planning is based on an understanding of how students learn, their development, needs, talents, interests and the ways they learn best.

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