School Profile

Carlton Gardens Primary School is located on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD.  It stands opposite Carlton Gardens and the Melbourne Museum on busy Rathdowne Street. The historic building which is heritage listed, is situated just one block from the vibrant Lygon Street precinct and is close to the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The school has close links with the Museum and these Universities. 

Our students are drawn from the surrounding neighbourhood. Each year a number of international students also attend and with their parents become significant members of our school community. 


Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the school through parent helpers programs in the classrooms or with school events.  There is a strong sense of pride and commitment held within the parent community towards the school. One parent has described our school as a village. Its small size means that the students, staff and many of the parents know each other and together create a close-knit community working to achieve our educational goals. 

It is a particularly Australian village with students representing eighteen different cultures and the full socio-economic spectrum. Within our Victorian-era schoolhouse, there are students whose own parents were students at the school and others who have only just recently arrived in Australia.  


Student enrolment is 453 students and increasing.  This year we have 21 grades. 


There is a major focus on ICT, Inquiry learning and the development of critical and creative thinking skills.  

The school’s strength is its emphasis on the individual. Each child is known personally by both staff and fellow students. This creates a friendly and caring environment that fosters self-esteem and social and academic confidence.   CGPS believes that children are most likely to realise their potential in a happy and secure learning environment that values their contributions. 

CGPS has an active relationship with a number of community groups and local government which has significantly benefitted the school.  

The school has a Before and After School program (OSH Club) which has been well attended over a number of years and continues to grow and be a vital part of our school.  

CGPS is a vibrant, small inner city school that is committed to serving its community into the future.