Carlton Gardens Primary School Enrolment Process and Procedures


Carlton Gardens Primary School is a government primary school located in Rathdowne Street opposite the Carlton Gardens. The school is 134 years old with a current enrolment of 435. 



Schools in the inner city area have an agreement that enrolment should be at the student’s closest neighbourhood school. Please click here to see if you live in Carlton Gardens Primary School's designated neighbourhood.




Enrolling a sibling or students where Carlton Gardens is their closest neighbourhood school.


Stage One – Collecting or Downloading your Enrolment Pack.


Provide the office with a photo identification document (drivers licence or passport), three utility bills and a rental agreement or sales contract that shows your primary residence location. This residential address would indicate that Carlton Gardens is your closest neighbourhood school.


Collect the enrolment pack from the office and complete the enrolment documents outlined on the checklist.


You can also download the Enrolment Pack here if Carlton Gardens Primary School is your closest neighbourhood school.


The Enrolment Pack contains:


To complete:


  • enrolment form
  • acceptable use agreement for ITC form
  • local walks form
  • head lice form
  • permission to use student image form
  • Student Code of Conduct form



It asks you to provide copies of:


  • immunisation certificate from Medicare
  • proof of birth - birth certificate or passport (child must be at least 5 years of age by the 30th April of the year admission is sought)
  • proof of Australian residency or
  • an appropriate visa that would allow for enrolment (non-fee paying) in an Australian government school if born outside of Australia
  • copies of any legal documents relating to custody or parent access regarding child/children




Stage 2: Enrolment Committee


The enrolment committee consisting of at least one member of the leadership team will review all documents and make a decision regarding the enrolment of the student. The role of the enrolment committee is to review all documents and forms and to seek further information if required.


All in-zone prep enrolments will be confirmed by the end of August.


Enrolments during the year across all grades will result in at least a two-day processing period before the enrolment is confirmed.




Students will not be accepted if Carlton Gardens is not your closest neighbourhood school.



Grade Placement.

In Victoria, students must turn 5 before April 30 to be enrolled in Prep. The following table shows what year level students will be enrolled in for 2019

Birth Date

Grade Placement

Before April 30 2014


Before April 30 2013

Grade 1

Before April 30 2012

Grade 2

Before April 30 2011

Grade 3

Before April 30 2010

Grade 4

Before April 30 2009

Grade 5

Before April 30 2008

Grade 6



You can read our enrolment policy here.



For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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